Celebrating Women’s History Month

All of us here at Amber Personal Care would like to take this opportunity to say Happy Women’s History month to all of the strong and caring women out there! 

We see you taking on more than anyone, we see you caring for others selflessly, we see you fearlessly pursuing your dreams, and we see you giving back more than we could count! Today, Amber would like to share the stories of Barbara Vogel and Sophia Akrami: 

Barbara Vogel 

Last Christmas, the Amber team felt the needs to share our support to our local community and giving back to those we supported us by organizing a toy drive and a food drive. 

During the toy drive, the team encountered Barbara Vogel, who undeniably impressed and moved us with her story and her drive to make a difference. Barbar being the most generous donor and brought many boxes and bags of new toys she had collected continuously for the kids without wanting any recognition has triggered our interests in knowing her. 

Barbara Vogel was a fifth-grade teacher at the Highline Community School. She had never stopped caring for children whether it is her students, the kids in her community or even those who needs her help overseas. Her story for organizing a fundraiser with her fifth-grade students to help free people from slavery in Sudan is reported in multiple news channels. Not only her action brought significant impact to the people freed, she also taught the students a valuable life lesson. 

Till this day, Barbara collects toys all year round for children from lower-income families to brings them joy. 

Sophia Akrami 

Sophia is the president of Amber Personal Care, she acquired the business and made it her own in 2018. The organization since then adopted a new mission and different set of goals. 

It all started when Sophia was first hit by the unexpected when her mother had a stroke that impacted her physical ability significantly. Sophia refused to let her mother go to a nursing home, and decided to help her mother to stay at home as comfortable as she could be. 

Since them, Sophia experimented a lot of senior care methods, and eventually became the “go-to” person to ask for help regarding senior care in her community. She discovered that the current senior care space leaves a lot of families confused and scared, and a lot of caregivers overworked and underpaid. 

In 2018, Sophia had decided it was high time to use her personal experience and expert knowledge in senior care to help not only her friends, but anyone who needs it. So, the Amber Personal Care was reborn with a new set of values committing to improve the senior care experience for both families and caregivers. 

The company has since grown and Sophia’s vision for Amber has affected all that joined the team. All of our team members are inspired to be compassionate and professional, to take lead and do what’s right, and to support each other and people who needs a helping hand. 

A Letter from Amber

Dear you,

Amber Personal Care is writing this letter to you, our clients, our caregivers, friends, and our partners.

Now that we are deep into the holiday season, in this year of challenge, year of opportunity, year of heartbreak and year of celebration, we want to write to you, and express our gratitude for: trusting Amber with your (family’s) care, standing with us when facing the uncertainties, giving us words of encouragement and sharing your feedbacks, and working with us to help our communities.

Amber Personal Care would also love to share some of our highlights of the year with you because it’s your support that made our achievement possible:

  • We’ve continued our partnership with the Resort Lifestyle Communities (RLC) in Aurora, Littleton (RLC Parkside, RLC Sky Pointe), and we have started to work with the RLC in Colorado Springs (RLC Aspen Trail).
  • Amber is proud to be one of the top home care companies in Colorado with the highest paying wages to the caregivers. We are proud t be able to give back to our amazing staff who take care of our clients. This is the way we take care them for their hard work and for selflessly taking care for our seniors.
  • During COVID, Amber has been tracking and monitoring the safety of our clients, caregivers and staff, and we witnessed success in doing so.
  • Amber is on the track to obtain a contract with VA and expect to be able to accept VA benefits clients.
  • We’ve finished our re-branding of Amber Personal Care and started the Blog by Amber to bring more resources and information to you.
  • We have provided consistent, reliable and flexible care to our clients. 

Amber Personal Care would like to wish you and everyone a happy and healthy holiday season filled with strength, hope and prosperity!

Thank you for your loyalty and trust!
Amber Personal Care
Dec 7, 2020

A Gift Card for the Holidays

A “Thank You” from Amber Personal Care

2020 has been a difficult year for the senior community and the senior care community. We know this, because we’ve heard what everyone has to say about being in quarantine, being in isolation, being scared of getting sick. However, we had people that really gave us, our clients and their families hope in this time of need: our caregivers. 

Caregiving is an essential work, so when people were staying at home, they were on the road getting to our clients’ houses; they were grocery shopping so that our seniors can enjoy the safety of their own home; they were waking up early and returning home late to make sure that our seniors receive the assistance, companionship and care they need. 

So, this holiday, Amber Personal Care has given all of our caregivers a gift of appreciation in the form of a $25 gift card. We hope that this small token shows how grateful we are to the meaningful work you all do. 

In the meantime, Amber Personal Care is proud to be a care agency that pays above average wages, and actively listens what our employee says. We hope to lead by example to improve the condition all caregivers are treated, and how senior care is provided. 

Thank you and happy holidays! 

Amber Personal Care