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"The care they provide is from very friendly and dedicated people. They care that our mom received [quality care] and encouraged her to do more activities she liked. They are compassionate and dedicated to making sure every need of their client is met."


Our services are expertly tailored to your needs.

Whether you need 24/7 care or just a few hours a day, we're here for you.

  • Post-Surgical Assistance, Amber Personal Care

    Post-Surgical Assistance

    Recovering from home after surgery can limit you with your daily activities. Whether you are recovering from major surgery, childbirth, or plastic surgery, our compassionate caregivers can assist you to a healthy and complete recovery.

  • Physical Disability Support, Amber Personal Care

    Physical Disability Support

    Arthritis, physical disabilities, and age-related conditions are some of the few circumstances that prevent patients from caring for themselves. Our caregivers can assist you with daily tasks such as mobility, eating, exercising, and grooming.

  • Care for Dementia Patients, Amber Personal Care

    Care for Dementia Patients

    Our experienced and highly trained caregivers provide the highest quality of care to both patients and their families. Our goal is to help individuals and their loved ones live happy and fulfilling lives.

  • At-Home Care for All, Amber Personal Care

    At-Home Care for All

    We can help new moms, post-rehabilitation patients, and people who has other conditions that temporarily or permanently affects their mobility and daily activities. Our team work hard to ensure that every client is cared for, at their time of needs.

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We provide a long list of non-medical care tasks that include:

  • Medication reminders
  • Companionship
  • Family respite care
  • Laundry & putting away clothes
  • Games & wellness activities
  • Grocery shopping
  • Light housekeeping/homemaking (watering the plants, dusting & vacuuming, changing beddings, doing dishes, taking out trash, cleaning out expired food, etc.)
  • Picking up prescriptions
  • Transportation to appointments/social occasion (doctor’s, dentist’s, hairdresser, family events, social events, etc.)
  • Healthy meal preparation
  • Other errands as needed
  • Day planning
  • Light exercise assistance
  • Birthday reminders
  • Dog walking
  • Reading assistance
  • Playing movies or shows
  • Mail assistance (sorting, reading & sending)
  • Fall prevention
  • Helping with getting in and out of bed
  • Bathing/showering assistance
  • Grooming & hygiene
  • Dressing & styling
  • Mobility assistance
  • Feeding
  • Incontinence Assistance
  • Safety monitoring

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