Elva Spencer

Office Staff Support


Elva, is a dedicated and efficient Office Staff Support at Amber Personal Care, bringing a wealth of experience garnered over 37 years in a Skilled Nursing Facility. Her journey began as a committed staff at the nursing facility and later excelled as a Restorative lead for an impressive three decades. Now, in her role as Office Staff Support at APC, Elva showcases exceptional skills and a commitment to excellence.
Elva’s passion for her work extends beyond the office, as she values the importance of family and spends quality time with her loved ones. Additionally, her compassionate nature extends to caring for animals, lovingly looking after strays in her neighborhood.
Working with seniors has provided Elva with invaluable life lessons, instilling the value of wisdom and fostering an open-minded approach to every situation. Her dedication and caring spirit make her an invaluable member of the Amber Personal Care team.