Jessica Chancy

Director of Medicaid Long-Term Care Division


Jessica Chancy is the Director of Medicaid Long-Term Care Division at Amber Personal Care, playing a crucial role in managing the Medicaid department. With a heartfelt approach, she cherishes every connection made with clients and caregivers, offering them the warmth and assistance they deserve in any circumstance. Jessica’s compassion and love for serving others stem from her experience as an advocate within Veterans Affairs. Her background includes serving retired military and their families with the Department of Defense as an analyst, and proposing and establishing legislation to cover care expenses in rare disease cases. Her genuine passion for providing service to those in need, coupled with a special place in her heart for veterans and the elderly, drive her commitment to delivering exceptional care and support at APC. With Jessica’s caring nature and valuable expertise, Amber Personal Care continues to make a positive impact on the lives of its clients, enriching their well being and quality of life.