What Others Say About Us

Client's Family

"The staff of Amber Home Care are truly exceptional. The care they provide is from very friendly and dedicated people. The care that our mom received encouraged her to do more activities she liked. They are compassionate and dedicated to making sure every need of their clients are met."


"Amber (Personal) Care has given me the security that I needed...

I believe that without Amber (Personal) Care, my move (to Colorado) would've been much harder."


"My time working with Amber Personal Care has been a great experience. I enjoy my clients a lot. I also love how it is so easy to talk to my co-workers. The care and compassion with Amber Personal Care is noncomparable."


"I live in Denver, and I have been working with Amber (Personal Care) for a little more than a month. It has been a great experience so far. Everybody is extremely friendly and you don't feel like a stranger the first day you meet them! If you are interested in meeting awesome people where you don't feel like you are at work, then Amber family is for you!"


"My name is Joan. I have been working with Amber Personal Care for a few months.
My experience has been very good, and pleasant.
They work with me on scheduling, so that my schedule is perfect for me. Amber Personal Care allowed me to have clients all the time.
I enjoy helping my clients with different needs, they are very interesting and make my work feel worthwhile.
I am very happy to be a part of Amber Personal Care and offer my service as a CNA to our clients."


"I like amber. They've helped me in the past, I had a fall and they were the ones that got me to the doctor."


"Amber Personal Care has a good rapport here at Parkside. It has been said that they have been very good for the residents here. They are very attentive, do their job, they left a good impression for the residents here at Parkside."